Change Moment Pilot

The Change Moment pilot built on our extensive insight and prototype work to deliver an in-market programme aimed at increasing the number of people who use the bus in Canterbury, at least twice a week, for their travel to work. It was developed to coincide with the significant number of workers relocating back into the CBD in early 2016. It offered participants a range of benefits and incentives, including personalised travel planning, in return for committing to use the bus at least twice a week. The pilot delivered excellent results with bus patronage increasing by 26% over the pilot period.
Each of the incentives offered were drawn from our extensive insight work. Combined with a bespoke online platform where participants signed up to create a personal account, select their incentives and enter their journey details, a significant level of increased bus usage was achieved.
As well as a significant increase in bus trips, there were increases in how people perceived the bus and their future plans to use it more regularly. Specifically 50% now plan to use the bus frequently (up from 4%) with occasional use planned to drop from 55% to 27%.
The pilot told us many additional things about how people perceived the bus, what they knew about the current service and highlighted the need to address perceptions – whether they are correct or not.

The pilot and all the stuff we got made us feel good about getting the bus. There’s a lot of talk telling us what to do but this put all the tools and information we needed into our hands. There was no reason NOT to get the bus.

— Pilot participant