Welcome to ChangeHub

We craft strategies to help businesses and organisations who want to leave the world a better place.
We do this by generating insight and helping them change and transform, making sense of ambiguity and complexity while being more successful.
Our approach has been crafted from over 20 years of working in the creative, communications and behaviour change space.

Some of the organisations we’ve worked with:

Our Work

Public transport behaviour change strategy

Working across public and private sector stakeholders, internal staff and commissioners, public transport interest groups and customers we developed a comprehensive behaviour change strategy on behalf of Environment Canterbury.

Change Moment public transport pilot

In 2016 we developed a multi-strand pilot aimed at increasing public transport usage in Christchurch as the businesses relocated back into the CBD. The pilot delivered a 26% increase in public transport use and significantly changed public perception about public transport

Air pollution

For a number of years we developed a multi-strand air pollution programme in Canterbury. Addressing pollution from residential woodburners we did extensive research, testing and evaluation resulting in a significant reduction in over-limit days.