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Unconventional Apology

Unconventional Apology

Posted by on Jan 28, 2016 in Behavior change, Children, Uncategorized | No Comments

Domestic violence is a terrifying and destructive experience. Unconventional apology takes a unique perspective. Rather than focusing on telling us that domestic violence is unacceptable, its focus in to give strength and empower victims through portraits. Set up by Chantal Barlow – who has her own family experience of domestic violence – with a strong […]

It Pays to Recycle

It Pays to Recycle

Posted by on Nov 14, 2014 in Uncategorized | No Comments

At Frankfurt Airport recently I went to buy a E2 bottle of water and was asked to pay E2.20. There was a 20 cents ‘tax’ added at the checkout – which I would get refunded if I returned the bottle for recycling. It was an interesting approach to drive a certain behaviour – recycling the […]

Debunking Myths and Falsehoods

Debunking Myths and Falsehoods

In the behaviour change space we often have to address myths and falsehoods – from the real causes of pollution to the reasons why people don’t use public transport. The rational approach is to present facts and figures – often in creative and engaging ways – to ‘correct’ these falsehoods. The thinking being that the […]


Project Twin Streams was a multi-million dollar project but it simply couldn’t succeed if it failed at the community level – and success there largely depended on the communications. It was a task that required patience, tact, respect for all, attention to detail, an understanding of community dynamics and of the requirements of the councils (including the bureaucratic/political environment). It was then held together with very extensive communications activities, consultation, cajoling, mediating, etc. We appointed Janet to this task and never regretted that decision.

Dai Bindoff
ex-Waitkere City Council Communications Manager

Janet has a great knowledge of social marketing and her ability to translate it for the audience to apply to their work environment is fantastic.
Janet immediately had the participants enthusiastically engaged, asking questions. Giving them exercises relevant to their work gave them the confidence that they could apply the behaviour change concepts to their work.
I could not recommend Janet highly enough.
She took time to understand the needs of the workforce, ensured the course was relevant to their work and delivered a enjoyable learning experience.

Liz Storey
Sexual Health Manager, NSW Health

Janet is talented at finding solutions and approaches that will serve the community in ways that are beneficial and specific to them whilst also ensuring we maintain a focus on the bigger picture. She has, with great expertises and patience supported us to develop both a comprehensive communications plan and the resources to support it. She worked with our community to co-create and develop a great brand that has longevity across all of our communications and which has grown to be a part of our community. 

Teremoana Jones
Project Twin Streams Community Governance Project Manager